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Established in 1955, Eccles has grown to be a leading global supplier of ductile iron access covers, gully gratings, composite covers and innovative drainage systems.

We have the UK’s largest range of BS EN 124 BSI Kitemarked products, and with an ongoing commitment to quality, consistency and safety BS EN 1433 products are compliant with the new UK Conformity Assessed (CE) Mark.

This commitment to quality and outstanding service levels is why the Eccles brand is trusted by specifiers and contractors across multiple industries.

We supply the country’s largest and most well-known Builders Merchants and we have large stocks ready to go.

For projects that have a bespoke requirement, our state-of-the-art in-house design team can create high quality, innovative solutions to fulfil any project need.

Talk to our knowledgeable staff today and find out how we can help!

About us logo


BSEN124-2:2015 Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

With 65 years experience we offer the largest range of BSI Kitemarked manhole covers in the UK, stocked at our HQ in Walsall. We have built a robust and reliable reputation that is reflected in the quality and consistency of our products and services. We supply the UK building merchant, civil engineering and UK infrastructure sectors with an extensive range of highly engineered and quality manufactured ductile iron manhole covers, covering all groups from B125, C250,D400 E600 & F900. We have invested and continue to invest to ensure that the highest third party certification, BSEN124-2:2015 is applied our across our full range of manhole covers.

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Ductile Iron Gully Grates

Our comprehensive range of gully grates are designed to suit many purposes and locations, from your driveway right through to the highway. Spanning B125 to E600 Eccles’s Gully Gratings are all third-party certified by the BSI to the most contemporary standard EN124:2-2015. Whilst attaining the highest accreditation, Eccles’ UK gully grates are further designed to surpass these requirements to offer a long-lasting and ultimately reliable product. We also offer a range of Kerb gully units which can be found in this section.

All of our ductile iron products are designed, manufactured, tested and third party accredited to BSEN124-2:2015 by the British Standards Institute (BSI). Our range of manhole covers and frames also take into consideration the supporting standard BS7903 and the advice note HA104/09. These products can be found within this section.

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Composite Covers

Our composite covers continue to grow in popularity despite already being the first choice for many builders throughout the UK. We researched and developed our composite covers as an alternative to heavier iron-based solutions. The material utilised in Eccles composite covers is lightweight, easy to handle and fit for purpose in a wide range of challenging use cases.

While composites were previously viewed as a high-cost alternative, research and development undertaken by Eccles has significantly reduced these costs and accelerated the adoption of composite covers into contemporary projects.

Comprising both sought-after practical applications and aesthetic considerations, our Cover-All system provides an eye-pleasing and lightweight manhole solution.

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Sectors We Cover

Our Process


Our experienced in-house design and testing team have a wealth of industry knowledge combined with dealing with norms, specifications and standards.

We also have the state-of-the-art software, so we can design products from scratch or simply review our own current designs in order to run simulations of real life scenarios to see how the product will react in any given environment and under any given conditions.

On top of this we further run our designs through CAD stress analysis and FEA analysis to identify potential weak spots, so we can refine our designs on every part of the cover so it’s not just built to pass a test but to provide a solution that is above and beyond any and all requirements before any product reaches production.

After refining the design, we build the tools to the design specification we need to the make each product. The design is then put into production at one of our BSI certified global manufacturing facilities. After casting, fettling, sand blasting and painting the samples are ready to be tested.


Our Products are manufactured at our BSI certified manufacturing locations distributed around the globe. We have invested heavily into our research and procurement processes to find the foremost credible foundries with the most cutting edge technology in order to offer a high quality innovative & robust product. Our internationally recognised ISO 9001 manufacturing loactions are regularly inspected by the BSI to provide further assurances that our products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

With 65 years experience designing, manufacturing and supplying iron works to the civil engineering and construction sector has enabled us to have great knowledge of how and where to manufacture products for any project. Whilst maintaining a high quality supply chain system and consistent product to service our large UK stock requirements.


Our UK testing facility and machinery is custom built for the testing of manhole covers and grates falling under EN124:2015. Our digitised test load machine can apply a load of up to 150 tonnes with a bed size 1000×1000. A wide range of manhole covers and grates can be tested at our facility on this machinery, which also has the capability to carry new additional tests in EN124 pull out and tilt test.

After practically testing the samples and prototypes, we thoroughly inspect and analyse each one to ensure they are manufactured to the design requirements set by Eccles and meet the parameters and specifications of the corresponding standard. Bringing this process in-house is a huge benefit as allows us the flexibility to make dynamic adjustments and modifications to perfect the product for optimum functionality and efficiency. Only once these stringent requirements are met, and our rigorous testing is complete, is the product is then ready for mass production.


Eccles holds its own BSI Kitemark license KM656600 for the standard EN124-2:2015. This certification confirms our commitment to demonstrating leading levels of consistency, quality and reliability throughout our entire range.

This is demonstrated further by Eccles being one of the first companies globally to be awarded certification from the British Standards Institute for the most recent EN standard for manhole covers and frames BS EN124-2015.

In moving from the previous accreditation (BS EN124:1994), we have completed further and more stringent testing to transition our Kitemark to the latest certification.

We’ve heavily invested and continue to invest heavily into this area to demonstrate and exemplify the high-quality, reliability and consistency of our products. We aim to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that our products have been extensively tested and certified by the world’s most competent independent third-party bodies. Our ambition to design, manufacture and supply consistent high quality reliable certified products means we also work with many other certification bodies such as SGS, LRQA, NF, TL, DIN & Lloyds British.

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